Baseball Accessories

While we encourage kids to be creative and play with whatever equipment and materials they may already have, we have developed some pretty cool, flexible and safe items that you can have delivered to your Home Field in no time.

Floor Padding$20

Multiple colors of floor padding are available as an accessory item; good for multiple sports. ⅜ Inch Tatami Mats. 6 in a Pack.

Soft Baseball Bat$12

Safe, soft and light – but this bat still packs a punch. Good for big kids and little kids. 27” long.

Soft Foam 6`` balls$12

Soft Foam 6″ balls (stand not included). 3 in a Pack.

Marking Tape$5

It’s always good to have some extra Marking Tape on hand, to help mark up your rooms for Baseball – and other sports. 12 yds Length x 1″ Width, 4 mils Thick

Field Markings$10

A 14-pack of magnetic ‘sticky’ Field Markings, allowing you to be creative about what constitutes extra base hits, Fouls, Double Plays and of course Home Runs.

Net Fielders$25

(2) A Pair of ‘Net Fielders’, which can also be used for other Basement Sports – Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse.

Old School meets New School

Host the next indoor World Series in your Basement. Enjoy hours of fun with Mixed Reality Games – rain or shine.

Customer Reviews

My kids and their friends play for hours in the basement, managing their own leagues and tournaments. I’ve never seen them have so much fun as when they’re in their Basement Sports Zone!”


– Karen via Facebook

Basement Sports is far and away the coolest toy/game/sport that we’ve ever had in the house. It encourages my son and daughters to be creative and engaged – mentally and physically.”


– John via Instagram

When it’s cold out or after dark, my boys have a great option to stay off their screens and get a good sweat, while having a blast.”


– Mustafa via Facebook