Soccer & Hockey Starter Kit

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Turn Any Room Into an Epic Home Field or Rink!

Basement Sports 2-in-1 Starter Kit for Soccer and Hockey


  • 2-in-1 app-enabled Soccer & Hockey Starter Kit facilitates easy setup within minutes!
  • Play timed Soccer games with halves, penalty shots, and free kicks!
  • Play timed Hockey games with periods, penalty shootouts, and wraparound shots!
  • Keep score and statistics, while playing one-on-one games or tournaments.
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Product Specs

Works with any phone or tablet with iOS 10+ or Android 7+

Connects to Your TV via Apple TV or Chromecast

Field Construction Guide and Materials to fit any sized room.

Analog or Digital Scoring for Game Play & Team Mgmt.

    Easy field setup in minutes with Soccer/Hockey goals, Hockey sticks, Small foam Hockey Puck/Ball, Soccer Ball, Whistle, Field Tape, and Tape Measure.

    Download the Basement Sports app from the iOS or Android stores to set up a game.

    Make use of the Soccer or Hockey Goals to creatively arrange your home space.

    Use the app to play 1-on-1 and tournament games, with functionality in your choice of Soccer or Hockey.

    Customer Reviews

    My kids and their friends play for hours in the basement, managing their own leagues and tournaments. I’ve never seen them have so much fun as when they’re in their Basement Sports Zone!”


    – Karen via Facebook

    Basement Sports is far and away the coolest toy/game/sport that we’ve ever had in the house. It encourages my son and daughters to be creative and engaged – mentally and physically.”


    – John via Instagram

    When it’s cold out or after dark, my boys have a great option to stay off their screens and get a good sweat, while having a blast.”


    – Mustafa via Facebook