Basement Sports 7 Core Principles

Life Values that we encourage and develop products around.

Vigorous Play

Getting off the couch and away from the desk is a must. At least 60 minutes a day of vigorous activity – getting a real sweat going – is Life’s greatest happiness potion and healer. Let the Endorphins flow!


Real Facetime

eGaming is a cool way to connect virtually, but nothing replaces face to face relationship building. We encourage play with one or more friends or family members, face to face.


Fair Play

This is a safe and fun zone – so find a way to settle any debatable calls, and use the tools to keep score honestly. Handicapping properly for size and age differences is encouraged as well, to level the playing field for all.


Keeping Score

Sports stats and scorekeeping foster the development of practical math skills. It isn’t all about winning and losing; but you’ve got to keep score to know where you stand. Plus it makes the game fun, and gives you goals.



Field, uniform and team design encourages creative expression with tactile items that bring inspiration into homes. Behold the power of constructive imagination and its impact on self-esteem.


No Pressure

While kids improve skills by playing Basement Sports, the main idea is for them to have fun with peers – without judgment or pressure – in loosely structured environments.


Have Fun

There are tons of ways to have fun; but doing so while getting fit and improving physical and mental math skills is a Win on all levels. Enjoy yourself and the making of precious memories with family & friends!

Partnering with Sips & Kicks

We donate a portion of our Profits to this 501c(3) Non-Profit program which helps elementary school kids get healthy smoothies and vigorous soccer training for free during school.